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environmental indexEnvironmental Index

Our Environmental Index provides a simple and effective solution. Starting with temperature as a key component of comfort, the Environmental Index, expressed as a percentage, reflects how close the zone temperature is to the effective heating and cooling setpoints. Accessed through a browser using WebCTRL®, the Environmental Index is shown on an easily read analog gauge, using the red segments to indicate poor environments, and graduating to green as conditions improve and the Environmental Index begins to approach 100%

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Energy Reports

  • Designed around ease of use and the power of simplicity
  • Incorporates the Environmental Index
  • Integrates multiple energy sources
  • Energy can easily be normalized by area or people
  • Incorporates Cooling and Heating Degree Day data
  • Scalability - multiple database support
  • Configurable vertical axis control to easily switch units from kWh to Carbon to BTU's to BTU/Square Foot
  • Built-in report manager and archive to save your favorite reports
  • Built-in report scheduler and email
  • Reports can be generated in standard file formats like Adobe Acrobat & MS Excel
  • Designed for WebCTRL® systems with minimal setup; initial deployment and mobilization costs have been minimized through smart design.
  • Single source responsibility - customers do not have to worry about integrating a third party 'bolt-on' solution. WebCTRL® WebApps install and run on the existing WebCTRL® server.

>>For specifications, view this pdf file.

energy reports

WebCTRL: Powerful and Intuitive Front End for Building Control


imageWebCTRL is a premier building automation system, offering an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. WebCTRL can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a standard web browser, without the need for special software on the workstation. Through a browser you can access all building management functions including:

  • set and change schedules,
  • adjust setpoints and other control parameters,
  • graphically trend important building conditions
  • view and acknowledge alarms and events, and
  • run preconfigured and custom reports on energy usage, occupant overrides, tenant billing, and much more. (With WebCTRL's spreadsheet-style report generator, you can write your own reports with ease.)

Developed entirely around proven open standards and web-based technologies, WebCTRL's server software will run on many different platforms, including Windows, Sun Solaris and Linux. Major databases are supported by the server, from single user Microsoft Access to industrial strength MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

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